Film actress

Multi-Award winning Actor and filmmaker Alison Stover is based in Los Angeles and New York. She has had the good fortune of landing roles that showcase her versatility as an actor. Described as “a woman who stepped out of a Renoir painting with guns blazing,” she has had a very multifaceted career. Most recently she can be seen in the theatrically released feature film “Skipping Stones” with Michael Ironside, Patricia Charbonneau, and Chase Masterson.

Alison’s purpose in acting and filmmaking is to create change in the world. Her newly formed production company Luminous Pictures endeavors to create work that is socially conscious and thought provoking. Her wish is that people will have more empathy for themselves and for others. She hopes that through the art of film we are better able to understand ourselves and other people. That we will act more compassionately towards ourselves and towards other human beings. Less judgment, more understanding.

She wrote, produced, directed and starred in the film The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland through Luminous Pictures.

It has screened worldwide from Dubai to Rome, Paris, Stockholm, Japan, South Africa, New York with a theatrical run in Los Angeles. She has also won 36 Best Actress awards worldwide for her visceral and emotional work portraying a survivor of domestic violence. The film has won over 52 awards (Including best Director) and has played in over 80 festivals globally.

Acting credits include many films as well as “Law and Order: CI” (NBC) opposite Peter Bogdanovich, and other appearances on television. She’s won additional awards for her work including a Best Actress Award at the Buffalo Film Festival for her leading role in the feature “My Little Demon.” An accomplished classical actress she has tread the boards in numerous Shakespeare productions.

Up next she’ll be appearing in the feature Climbing Life with Rachel Nichols, Tahmoh Penikett and Chase Masterson and HollywoodLand of Hope and Lies with Martin Kove, Courtney Gains, and Patricia Charbonneau.

Alison plays the lead the as the hard and tenacious Sam McRae in feature “Identity Crisis” based on the NY Times bestselling novel by Debbi Mack.“ Both Roy Lichtenstein’s wife and as well as his muse in “Inside the World of Roy Lichtenstein” She’s also taking on a Megyn Kelly type character as a talk show host in “The Wicked Path.”

Under the banner of Luminous Pictures Alison is starring in, writing and producing an upcoming feature entitled “All That Glitters.” It is a story of a Hollywood starlet coming into her own despite the misogynistic studio system of the 1950’s and finding her voice.

She’s also developing a short “The Gap” which tackles the nature divide. People of color, families with children, and low-income communities are most likely to be deprived of the benefits that nature provides.

When not working Alison is passionate about wildlife conservation and environmental issues and is a partner with The World Wildlife Fund. She has lobbied congress numerous times on their behalf.

​She can also often be found at the beach on the West Coast. A lover of all art she is a supporter of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Film actress